Why do magical societies always seem to end up trapped in the dark ages? Is there something about wizardry that occludes chemistry? Do dragons forbid light bulbs?

“Chronicles Exotic and Peculiar” is a setting for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game system that stays true to the typical themes of medieval fantasy… except for the medieval part. The playable timeline of “Chronicles Exotic and Peculiar” begins in a period of colonial expansion and ends at the height of an industrial revolution. Throughout this time period there is a deliberate Victorian flavor, a general sense of elegance, propriety, and perhaps a little bit of repression.

But aside from this difference, you should recognize the elements of this setting from most medieval RPG settings. This is still a land of mythic monsters, world-altering magics, and gallant heroes. The most likely role for player characters remains that of an adventurer, an independent agent seeking adventure for a spectrum of reasons. There are also some themes that can be present in any fantasy setting, but draw particular attention due to their placement in a Victorian world. Slavery, manifest destiny and imperialism are all issues with which the characters will have to contend in one form or another.

And if you find yourself craving some of the classic medieval fantasy fare, the elves are just across the sea…

Chronicles Exotic and Peculiar

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